Recap: 30 days

Eat Sleep Ferment Repeat

Recap: 30 days


Today it's been exactly 1 month since the acquisition of Capua BioServices S.p.A. by Olon S.p.A. has been announced. And a dynamic month it has been. The integration program started immediately on day 1, while continuing to put customers first! Straight after the acquisition, representatives of both Olon and FrieslandCampina were visiting the Capua facility to celebrate the next level of the strategic partnership in the field of human milk oligosaccharides. More details on this will follow soon!

Next to our fermentation capacity, our fermentation mantra is expanding too. To stick with fermentation metaphors; the strain was constructed by the marketing department, followed by inoculation of the shake flask within S&M team. The seed fermenter is now inoculated within the entire Capua community (see picture) and the next step will be inoculation of the main fermenter, as our fermentation capabilities are tremendously expanding from Capua to Settimo within the Olon family.

Together both sites will accomodate an impressive total fermentation capacity of 4500 m3. We feel it's fair to claim to be THE largest, beta-lactam free fermentation CDMO in Europe, if not in the world. How exciting is that?!

We very much look forward to the next years to come. Meanwhile we continue to do what we do best: Eat, Sleep, Ferment & Repeat.

Capua BioServices, part of Olon. All in one!